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The outpouring of excitement, support and suggestions for uplifting, positive songs, following the release of volume 1, motivated and inspired us—so we’ll continue to bring you carefully curated playlists that we believe will undoubtedly lift your spirits as much as they do ours! Some folks even went as far as building their own playlists with us in mind. Others sent us their original songs, which we hope to include in future volumes.

Our first playlist included artists old and new—from a classic Bill Withers tune to the soul-stirring voice of Andra Day. We featured a wide selection of genres from pop to hip hop to alt indie and classic soul. We snuck in a creative Neil Young cover of Harvest Moon, and a song by the duo Vallis Alps which was inspired by the courageous life of the Babi poet and feminist Tahirih. We incorporated joyous songs from the Canadian indie rock outfit Arcade Fire, Swedish pop sensation Robyn, and even a sweet tune by Justin Timberlake.

Some exciting songs to pay close attention to in Volume 2 include:

  • Motion Movement, an ode to hip hop and a call to action for a new generation, by Seattle based hip hop duo Blue Scholars
  • You Gotta Be, a classic that will never age by Des’ree;
  • an upbeat interpretation of the words of Abdu’l-Baha titled Innocent at Heart by Toronto-based musician MJ Cyr;
  • A fun-loving melody titled Humanity (Love the Way it Should be) by John Legend and the legendary Roots;
  • a song that reminds us of the importance of reliance in prayer, titled Oasis by Artist Karim, Jose and Apollo V;
  • a contemplative tune from Ravyn Lenae about laughter and the release of letting go, titled Moon Shoes;
  • a song dedicated to the unique period of youth by rapper Colby Jeffers;
  • and a unique addition suggested by one our readers, a traditional Maori song called Poi E.

It brings us great joy to curate these playlists on behalf of the team at! It also brings us great joy to hear from you and receive your suggestions! So keep them coming. We’re looking for tunes that:

  • Are already on Spotify (as this is where our playlists live)
  • Contain positive, uplifting lyrics, themes and messages
  • Are free of profane, degrading or derogatory language or references
  • Are upbeat and motivational
  • Reflect a diverse range of music from all genres, eras, languages and styles

Please submit any song ideas or suggestions you may have to Shadi Toloui-Wallace at


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  • Colby Nabil Jeffers
    Jun 26, 2018
    Ayyy! Thanks for the shoutout!! And thanks for creating the dope playlists! Will be bumping these throughout the week :). I'll be sharing these playlists on my social media pages as well! Really love the content you're creating !!
  • Miriam Hernandez
    May 11, 2018
    greetings from Bolivia!! students from a masters program on social development @Nur University love playing the playlists!
  • Miriam Hernandez
    May 11, 2018
    1st playlist was a hit ... students at masters program on social development loved it! cant wait to share this one! greetings from Bolivia!!