We’re excited to announce the third installment of our BahaiTeachings.org playlist, Volume 3, available now on Spotify!

Our last playlist, Volume 2, featured a number of old and new tunes from all over the world, shining a light on the oneness of humanity, authenticity, joy, and hope for a better future.

In fact, that’s the idea behind all BahaiTeachings.org playlists—to offer the world a unifying, joyous and uplifting selection of music meant to inspire the human spirit. Listen to Volume 3 below!

In Volume 3, we bring you a diverse array of songs and artists, including highlights such as:

  • Zambian born Sampa the Great, with her song Blessings, encouraging us to live in the moment
  • Brother, by Rwandan/Canadian musician Shad, highlighting the negative treatment and stigma of his black brothers and sisters
  • You + Me, a new single released by Vancouver outfit, Tiny Havoc, about the joys of summer life after living through a dark and rainy winter
  • A beautiful love song by Argentinian artist Diego Torres, titled Sueños
  • A classic anthem by Bob Marley, titled War, highlighting the importance of race unity and the dream of lasting peace
  • Jungle, a Tahitian dance number by the group Last Voices,
  • Indigenous Canadian electronic trio, A Tribe Called Red, with their song Stadium Pow Wow, an ode to their roots and sticking to sacred traditions in the modern age
  • A Fatboy Slim classic, Praise You, celebrating love and friendship
  • Closing with a beautiful tune called All is Love, from the movie Where the Wild Things Are, by indie band Yeah Yeah Yeah’s lead singer Karen O and The Kids.

Once again, it brings us great delight to curate these playlists on behalf of the team at BahaiTeachings.org! It also brings us great joy to hear from you and receive your suggestions! So keep them coming. We’re looking for tunes that:

  • Are already on Spotify (as this is where our playlists live)
  • Contain positive, uplifting lyrics, themes and messages
  • Are free of profane, degrading or derogatory language or references
  • Are upbeat and motivational
  • Reflect a diverse range of music from all genres, eras, languages and styles

Please submit any song ideas or suggestions you may have to Shadi Toloui-Wallace at shadi@bahaiteachings.org. Happy listening, and dance like no one’s watching!

The opinions and views expressed in this article are those of the author only and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of BahaiTeachings.org or any institution of the Baha’i Faith.


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