“We were designed,” says singer/songwriter Jamey Heath, “to struggle.” Everyone has two competing natures within them, the Baha’i teachings say—their lower, animal nature and their higher spiritual one. Jamey, after “setting fire” to his entire life some years ago, discovered what it takes to be real, authentic and unmasked in the world—to truly struggle, to share his flaws and to stop pretending. “No matter how hard we fall,” Jamey learned, “God always gives us chances to get back up.”  

A songwriter, musician and producer, Jamey has co-written and/or produced songs for many Grammy award winning artists and scored music for TV and film. He is a proud father of four, and is mindful to keep God and his wife Natasha at the center of his life. Watch and listen as Jamey shares his truth, describes how he lost everything—and how God allowed him to start rebuilding.

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  • Stephanie Forest
    Oct 13, 2017
    Fabulous! God Bless you ????
  • Lori Smith Wilson
    Oct 12, 2017
    Thank you Jamie. Thank you for your courage, your candor and your faithfulness.