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The views expressed in our content reflect individual perspectives and do not represent the official views of the Baha'i Faith.
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Clark Vance

Deborah Clark Vance earned a Ph.D. from Howard University in Intercultural Communication and served as Assoc Prof. and Chair of the Dept of Comm & Cinema at McDaniel College. She has published in anthologies, textbooks, peer-reviewed academic journals, radio and magazines; presented papers at numerous conferences; and worked on an educational TV series. Her Baha’i related papers - including her dissertation about how Baha'is manage to forge a unified identity out of their diverse identities --can be found at Baha’i Library online. She retired in 2016 to pursue other interests including writing, and published a widely available literary novel, “Sylvie Denied,” in Feb. 2021 (available here)

BY Deborah Clark Vance

What I Said About Race to an Interfaith Audience

Deborah Clark Vance | Jan 19, 2022

Surviving Disaster by Building Self-Reliant Communities

Deborah Clark Vance | Jan 3, 2022

Rethinking Adam and Eve

Deborah Clark Vance | Dec 15, 2021


Exploring the Soul of Teaching – and in the Process, My Own Soul

Deborah Clark Vance | Dec 6, 2021

Is the Word “Caucasian” Outdated?

Deborah Clark Vance | Nov 16, 2021

How Mary, the Mother of Christ, Helps Us Bond

Deborah Clark Vance | Nov 10, 2021


Causes of Difference and Division – Us and Them

Deborah Clark Vance | Oct 22, 2021

Atheists and Believers: We’re All on a Path Together

Deborah Clark Vance | Oct 17, 2021

Spiritual Data: Using Reason in Matters of Life and Death

Deborah Clark Vance | Oct 2, 2021


All Faiths Are One Faith

Deborah Clark Vance | Sep 24, 2021

What is True Consultation?

Deborah Clark Vance | Sep 7, 2021

How to Understand the Spiritual Symbols in Divine Scriptures

Deborah Clark Vance | Sep 5, 2021


Exploring the Distinctions Between Gender and Sex

Deborah Clark Vance | Aug 30, 2021

How Baha’is Build a Beloved Community

Deborah Clark Vance | Aug 24, 2021

Eight Misconceptions about the Baha’i Faith

Deborah Clark Vance | Aug 8, 2021


Effective Social Action: Rooted in Our Hearts

Deborah Clark Vance | Aug 4, 2021

Breaking Bread and Creating Interfaith Bonds

Deborah Clark Vance | Aug 1, 2021

Why Should We Care About Nature?

Deborah Clark Vance | Jul 29, 2021

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