BahaiTeachings Presents: Grand Canyon Baha'i Conference 2017

Phoenix, Arizona December 23, 2017 had an incredible event of ten inspiring talks on: True Freedom, Institutional Racism, Joy and Arts, Community Collaboration, Navajo Community Experiences, Food as Medicine, Human Rights, Human Trafficking and Equality, Becoming a Baha’i and a Panel Discussion on Race Unity. Stay tuned as we will be launching the videos monthly starting February 2018!
Syda Segovia Taylor
Syda Segovia Taylor has an M.A in Community Development and Social Justice, and close to 20 years of experience bringing opportunities to youth in Chicago’s under-served communities and prides herself of being a social justice advocate: promoting race unity, gender equality, oneness of humankind, health... READ MORE
Masud Olufani
Masud Olufani is an Atlanta based multidisciplinary artist, actor and writer. He is a graduate of Morehouse College and the Savannah College of Art and Design where he received an M.F.A. in sculpture in 2013. His work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions... READ MORE
Jessica Kemejuk
Jessica Kemejuk is a Los Angeles native and an actress and producer. She's had the opportunity to collaborate with incredible people on the projects she's worked on, and has traveled around the world doing what she loves. She works in TV, film and commercials. When... READ MORE
Leila Rassekh Milani
Leila Milani, JD, MA is Senior International Policy Advocate for Futures Without Violence, where she leads their work on global violence prevention, with a focus on women and children. In this capacity, she is instrumental in developing innovative policy solutions, driving advocacy efforts, and influencing... READ MORE
Tatiana Zamir
Tatiana Zamir is a choreographer, dance instructor, performing artist and holistic healer. Tatiana earned her BFA at UCLA in the World Arts & Cultures Department with an emphasis on dance. She continued her studies in holistic body therapy at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing, also... READ MORE
Farshad Fani Marvasti
Dr. Shad is a Stanford trained physician leader and medical educator. Dr. Shad has undertaken research, published articles and medical textbook chapters on disease prevention, nutrition and complementary and alternative medicine since 1997. As a practicing physician who is inspired by the Bahá'í Teachings on... READ MORE
Nanabah Bulman
Ya'at'eeh, it is good, my family, my people and friends. The Creator knows me by the name of Nanabah, which means the 'one who returns from battle to tell of it'. It is a spiritual female warrior's name. I was raised on the Navajo reservation.... READ MORE
Puneh Ala'i
Puneh Ala’i is the founder of For The Unseen, a not-for-profit serving those in need the world over. Puneh was raised by immigrant parents who raised her with the belief that “Mankind is One” and service is a key factor in contributing to this life.... READ MORE
Derik Smith
Derik Smith is a professor in the University at Albany English Department. His teaching and writing is anchored in the analysis of American culture and, particularly, African American literary culture. In 2018 The University of Michigan Press will publish his book, Robert Hayden In Verse:... READ MORE