BahaiTeachings Presents: Beyond Materialism

Los Angeles, CA June 3, 2017
Beyond Materialism was an interactive conference experience consisting of  17 rapid-fire, inspiring talks, interspersed with music and a special panel discussion. The event took place at the Reef in Los Angeles, California on June 3rd, 2017.
Armando Troche
Armando Troche is an educator. He has taught in the Bay Area and China over the past 11 years, helping students from 2nd - 6th grade. He volunteers his time to help establish more and more communal activities focused on the spiritual education and unification... READ MORE
Misha Blaise
Misha Maynerick Blaise is an author and artist based in Austin, Texas. Her newest book is called This Phenomenal Life: The Amazing Ways We are Connected with Our Universe (Lyons Press, 2017). As an artist, she has partnered with brands such as Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom,... READ MORE
Jamey Heath
Jamey Heath strives to serve God by setting His sacred words to music. Having had many opportunities to travel throughout the world, he has learned that music will indeed penetrate a heart, no matter the country. Especially when singing the words of God. Having literally... READ MORE
Jessa Munion
Jessa Kian Munion is the founder and lead wellness practioner of Rock Steady Body & Being, a boutique wellness practice located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains offering yoga, massage therapy, and self discovery experiences. Jessa is inspired by the nature and is an... READ MORE
Nichan Najjarian
Nichan Najjarian is a Marketing professional in the San Francisco Bay area. He completed his masters degree in Marketing and Data analysis at The University of Edinburgh in Scotland after completing a BA in Philosophy in Rome, Italy and BA in Business Administration in Aleppo... READ MORE
Seaon Shin
Seaon Shin is a social entrepreneur, an (almost) graduate of the Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania, and has helped build startups in a broad range of industries: youth empowerment, healthcare and home improvement multi-sided markets. At the age of 18, Seaon co-founded... READ MORE
Shabnam Mogharabi
Shabnam Mogharabi is CEO and Executive Producer at SoulPancake, an award-winning media and entertainment company founded by actor Rainn Wilson that explores ‘Life’s Big Questions’. Shabnam joined SoulPancake at its launch in March 2009 as the co-director of content. She is one of the co-authors... READ MORE
Jasmin Kemp
Jasmin Kemp began her career in photography in 2007 and has taken pictures of dignitaries, celebrities, and politicians, as well as private events, conferences, weddings, and portraits. Many of her photos have been published in national publications. Throughout her many travels she has captured the... READ MORE
Mam-Yassin Sarr
Mam-Yassin Sarr is the Co-founder and director of Starfish International, a nonprofit organization that seeks to advance humanity through girls’ education and service-learning opportunities in The Gambia, West Africa. The mission of Starfish International is to empower Gambian girls by providing them with an advanced... READ MORE
Faith Holmes
Faith Holmes has worked in the field of race relations for over 30yrs. She started working to fight racism at a very young age. At 18, was asked to serve on a race unity committee in Chicago and was responsible for creating programs that brought... READ MORE
Dr. Babak Edraki
Dr. Babak Edraki received his BA in genetics and molecular biology from the University of California at Davis. He received his MD degree from George Washington University in Washington D.C.. He completed a residency in gynecology and obstetrics at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California... READ MORE
Dr. Nura Mowzoon
Dr. Mowzoon completed her Doctoral and Master's degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her training at Nova Southeastern University also included a specialization in Medical Family Therapy and a post-doctoral certificate in hypnotherapy. She completed her Bachelor’s... READ MORE
Eva LaRue
Long known and well respected as an actor on popular shows like CSI: Miami and All My Children, Eva LaRue has earned Emmy and NAACP nominations for her portrayal of strong women. Eva has kept busy with other notable works over the years in TV... READ MORE
Shayan Safar
Shayan Safar was born and raised in Los Angeles to two loving parents who immigrated from Iran. At the age of 17, he was first exposed to breakdancing and immediately became interested in pushing his physical capacities to new and unforeseen levels. He also developed... READ MORE
Paolo Escobar
Paolo Escobar is a singer, songwriter, rapper, beat boxer, artist, chef, revolutionary who is always cooking something up to perfection. Paolo tends to draw influence from many different styles and genres but for this Philippine born son of a singer who was raised in the... READ MORE
Pegah Nabili
Pegah Nabili is a student from the Chicago suburbs. Pegah has had an interest in arts and literature from a young age, and since the age of 4 has been performing Persian poetry. She has been pursuing her undergraduate studies in neuroscience and philosophy at... READ MORE
Dr. Fares Hedayati
Fares Hedayati did part of his undergraduate studies at BIHE (the Baha'i Institute for Higher Education), and part of it at UC Berkeley in computer science. He later obtained his PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2013. Since then he has been working... READ MORE
Dr. Kelly Snook
Professor Kelly Snook is a music producer, music technologist, and data sonification researcher working at the intersection of the arts, science, and technology at the University of Brighton in the UK. She spent two decades as a NASA Research Scientist before turning her attention to... READ MORE
George Hatcher
George W. Hatcher is a NASA engineer at the Kennedy Space Center. As a guidance, navigation, and flight controls engineer he helped launch space shuttles from 2004 to 2011. George now consults on flight computers for launch vehicles such as Falcon 9, Pegasus, and Antares.... READ MORE