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When was the last time you did something good?

Hopefully the question doesn’t tax your recall – it certainly tests my memory sometimes.  Seriously, most of us can remember doing something recently that we think of as good.  You may have fixed someone a meal, helped a child, worked hard to gain mastery over your art or your profession, assisted a homeless stranger or kissed someone you love.

Let’s think about what compelled you to act the way you did – was it instinct, or training, or the desire to be a good person?  Did your action come from your inner sense of right and wrong?  Did it have to do with your idea of who you are, or what you’d like to become?  How did your good action mak


  • James Howden
    Apr 05, 2014
    "Of course Baha'is are too good" -- a curious statement that I hear (or sense) every once in a while. Interesting. I assume sarcasm, maybe a little bitterness here, although Mr/Ms Atheist may be sincere, may be like, say, Anarchists and others who argue that advanced people (like ourselves, themselves) have an advanced moral sense that has no need of religious exteriors. It seems a bit prideful to me, and seems to ignore the history of moral development. Yes, I equate that with *religious* history, which has to have been about more than conflict and bigotry or civilizations would never ...have advanced. Where did this "innate" moral sense come from? Where does a "newly created race of men" get its foundation/creativity/superior racial characteristics?
  • AJ-Atheist
    Apr 02, 2014
    Unlike religions of the Prophetic Cycle (From Abraham and Krishna and Odin an Zeus to Jesus and Muhammad) there's no need for such childish views of God in the Baha'i (Badi) Cycle of Fulfillment.

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