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When a friend took Jessa Munion to a yoga class, she found a way to leave behind the competitive, pressured and stressful environment she worked in—and the encouragement to be calm, to be gentle with herself, and to take life one breath at a time. She learned to dive deep with her own soul, discovering a zen-like sense of clarity and focus. After that experience, Jessa began a yoga and meditation practice, and coupled it to her belief in the Baha’i teachings. Those spiritual elements allowed her to “uncover God-given gifts that would allow her to show up kind, compassionate and generous for the world around me.”

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  • Shay Whitman Cooper
    Oct 18, 2019
    What a powerful and clear message she gives. Outstanding. The question of what is wellness. Acts of service, diving in to know the Creator. Thanks for this. I am going to offer a yoga devotional tomorrow and this offering is smashing right on.