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Baha’i singer-songwriter, Paolo Escobar gives a soulful performance of his original song “I Want It All” at our Beyond Materialism Event in Los Angeles.

Verse 1: 

It doesn’t cost much to live and die 
Just your life 
On the dotted line 
We build it up just to watch it burn 
But still hands turn 
So how’ve you gone and spent your time? 


See I 
I want it all 
I’ve worked too hard 
Just to fall 
Yes I 
I’ve worked too hard 
See all my scars? 
I want it all 
I want it all 

Verse 2: 

The fire’s devouring everything 
It burns and runs 
All through my veins 
I leave my fears, joys, and all my pain 
In these words 
And on this page 



Listen to the podcast on SoundCloud.


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  • David Hemminger
    Oct 21, 2019
  • James Barnes
    Oct 09, 2017
    Paolo, I run an online radio station. and am interested in at least this song. Do you have a studio recording of it?