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Welcome to Cloud9, a new podcast series from! We feature interviews with artists from around the globe to learn about what inspires, uplifts and motivates them to make a positive contribution to the world.

In this episode of Cloud9 Shadi Toloui-Wallace interviews Leili Towfigh, a diverse multidisciplinary artist, philosopher and social justice educator based in Boston, Massachusetts. arts editor Shadi Toloui-Wallace spoke to Leili about the 20+ years she’s spent creatively exploring concepts of beauty, science and the oneness of humanity.

Two of Leili's glazed ceramic pots.

Two of Leili’s glazed ceramic pots.

Leili reveals her attraction to harmony and order, and how their important connection to science and mathematics forms the signature artistic patterns in her work. Beyond the aesthetics of her ceramic creations, though, she also expresses her deep passion for social justice initiatives—and the connections she makes between her striking art, her vision of race unity and achieving the oneness of humanity. Check out part of her process below:

Go ahead and put your guesses into the comments about what colors you think this bowl will turn out to be when fired. I’m interested to hear! . About the process – sometimes, a lot of persnickety steps go into glazing: I dipped this porcelain bowl in its base glaze. Everything was fine. It was majorly humid that day, however, and though I waited longer than usual for the glaze to dry, when I quickly picked it up to move it out of the way, I smudged the exterior and ruined my glaze job. Let it dry. Scrape it off. Spray on a new coat (instead of dipping). Paint on a burst of sparks, interior and exterior. Some “sparks” decide to drip, sneakily. Gently scrape off only the drip part and hopefully not the underneath part. Repeat. Wait. Fire. Cross fingers. . Music: Ahmad Jamal, Poinciana . #ceramics #pottery #clay #porcelain #陶瓷 #keramik #セラミックス #krukmakeri #cerámica #도기류 #céramique #도예 #studioceramics #سرامیک #potsinaction #contemporaryceramics #AhmadJamal #leilivideos #potteryvideos #piavideo #PIA #spark #artistlife #Persianartist #artist_features #craftsfeed #instapottery #justartvideos #dailyarts #artvideo @pottery_videos @crafts.feed

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  • Aaron
    Dec 10, 2018
    Wonderful art-work, Leili !! You always showed an innate quality of being in harmony with people you associate with, and an appreciation of the beauty in all people and in nature, as evident by example in your art-work here. Hoping you continue this work.
  • Aires Mario da Cruz
    Apr 21, 2018
    So very interesting.