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In the midst of our shared trials and tribulations, anguish and sadness, anger, and cries for equity and justice, I — like you — am searching for ways to be the change I wish to see in the world. 

As I see photos and videos of what’s happening in the United States, and as I read the many profound and eloquent commentaries and proposals from high and low alike regarding how to change things, I come back to this: What contribution can I make? 

As the founding executive director of the National Center for Race Amity, I take it to heart when the Baha’i writings say we should cast “away once and for all the fallacious doctrine of racial superiority, with all its attendant evils, confusion, and miseries.” And I feel a deep sense of responsibility knowing that Baha’u’llah, the prophet and founder of the Baha’i Faith, said more than a century ago: “Let deeds, not words, be your adorning,” 

Since 2010 we at the National Center for Race Amity have worked to shift public discourse on race so that it recognizes and celebrates our ability to overcome racial prejudice through association, amity, and collaboration. With that in mind, we hope to bring solace and upliftment to our collective spirits and hearts through our virtual 2020 Race Amity Day Celebration, which will be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube on Race Amity Day — Sunday, June 14, 2020. The hour-long program, “Reset To Our Destiny – E Pluribus Unum,” will stream starting at 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT. 

Race Amity Day Celebration (One-Time Livestream Event)

LIVE – Race Amity Day Celebration “Reset To Our Destiny – E Pluribus Unum”The National Center For Race Amity is hosting a one-time livestream event featuring today's top personalities sharing their story behind our seal, E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One).Hear their words and learn the solutions that bring people together instead of apart during these trying times.💡IMPORTANT: Make sure you click "Going" or "Interested" for updates and reminders when the livestream link is available.This streamed event is free and open to all with 100% of any donations going directly to the Navajo Land Covid-19 Fund.♥️Host: Celeste HeadleeAward winning journalist Celeste Headlee. Headlee has appeared on NPR, PBS World, PRI, CNN, BBC and other international networks. She was formerly a host at National Public Radio, anchoring shows including Talk of the Nation, All Things Considered and Weekend Edition.Featuring:✦ Rainn Wilson (Actor, Comedian)✦ Joy DeGruy (Scholar Social Commentator)✦ Alvin Bitsilly (Performing Artist, Administrator, Native American Baha'i Institute)✦ Regie Gibson (Hip Hop/Spoken Word Artist)✦ Cortney King-Tunis (CEO Pantsuit Nation)✦ Penn Badgley (Actor)✦ Salabye-Slimko (Retired Teacher, Navajo Nation Public Schools)✦ Mitch Landrieu (Former Mayor of New Orleans)✦ Ben Cohen (Co-founder Ben & Jerry's)✦ Liz Cheng (Television Executive)✦ Charlie Baker (Governor of Massachusetts)✦ Andy Grammer (Recording Artist)✦ Johnetta Cole (Chair and President, National Council of Negro Women)✦ William Winter (Former Governor of Mississippi)✦ Xernona Clayton (Civil Rights Icon and Trumpet Awards Founder)✦ Colette Phillips (Social Activist, Founder of Get Konnected)✦ Andrea Baker (American European Diva)✦ Dolores Huerta (Civil Rights Icon and Founder, Dolores Huerta Foundation)✦ Howard Ross (Author and Activist)✦ Debby Irving (Author and Activist)✦ a performance by Red Grammer (Recording Artist)✦ Cindy McCain (Founder John McCain Institute)✦ Janet Langhart-Cohen and Bill Cohen (Retired TV Personality and Former US Secretary of Defense)✦ Kyla Powell (Teacher, Navajo Nation)✦ William H. Smith (Founding Executive Director, National Center for Race Amity) Prayer for AmericaRemember, this historic, uplifting, one-time event is a Reset to Our Destiny – E Pluribus Unum.

Posted by National Center for Race Amity on Sunday, June 14, 2020

Award-winning journalist Celeste Headlee will host, and nearly two-dozen scheduled guests including scholar and social commentator Joy DeGruy, chair and president of the National Council of Negro Women Johnetta Cole, civil rights icon Dolores Huerta, recording artist Andy Grammer, and actor-comedian Rainn Wilson will share insights and solutions that bring people together instead of apart during these trying times. Click here to sign up for event information and updates.

Listen to our podcast interview with Dr. William “Smitty” Smith on America’s Most Challenging Issue

I want the National Center for Race Amity to be what back in the day was called the “water boy.” We will support the valiant crusaders, young and old, black, white, brown, and tan, as they raise the cry demanding justice. We will reset the narrative to our destiny of E Pluribus Unum

I’m a former athlete, and my favorite T-shirt from my wife states “X Jock – The Older I Get The Better I Was,” I know, as do many of you, the value of the water boy — now called a field assistant — whether the role serves in high-level sports, or less organized sporting activities.

Children at the Race Amity Day Festival in 2016

As water boy for the movement for race amity, NCRA wishes to bring a refreshing  and soothing tonic to our weary hearts — a cool, refreshing clearness containing the reassurance that right is might, and the scientific, moral, and spiritual truths that we are  one human family. I hope you’ll tune in as we travel the arc to justice on Race Amity Day. May we all become the better in us!

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  • Paul Desailly
    Jun 12, 2020
    America’s history sees many turning points en route to racial harmony, and yet, though experts galore conjure solutions, our PROBLEM is still big bad & old. Perhaps it is time to consider what Sir Abdul Baha Abbas KBE rates as “the very first service to the world of man” & “the means for the progress and development of all races” as he said in USA
    From far away Adelaide where thousands of Australians from many backgrounds recently demonstrated in support of BLM I've noted His astounding promises. They are simple but revolutionary concepts EASILY ENGAGED BY INDIVIDUALS - “Routing Racism”: ... (P.1 is for my half Chinese sons)
    For the time poor see “Routing Racism” in its i page intro