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In this very special one hour episode of Cloud9 we feature a reciprocal interview with our host, Shadi Toloui-Wallace, and the host of Baha’i Blogcast, Rainn Wilson, who interview each other about their respective podcasts, creative ambitions, lives and service. We learn about the vision of Baha’i Blogcast—a podcast series hosted on Baha’i Blog–which explores how individuals live at the intersection of their work and faith.

Mostly known for his role as the weird and quirky character, Dwight Schrute, on the hit NBC series, “The Office,” Rainn is also a writer, producer, and director, with a personal mission to bring the discourse of spirituality to the masses.

In this interview, Rainn opens up about how he’s learned to balance his creative life with his spiritual ambitions, striving for coherence. Rainn shares how his career as an actor has opened up many doors for him to start other ventures such as SoulPancake, a project which inspires deeper conversations, encourages folks to explore life’s big questions, and spreads a positive message. He also reveals the motivation behind his artistic and educational non-profit organization for women and girls in Haiti, called Lide, which employs local Haitians to operate its 13 locations around Haiti, consisting of 500 female participants.

Rainn announces some exciting upcoming projects he’s working on, which include a new podcast series hosted with friend, academic and philosopher, Reza Aslan; and a new book that features various perspectives that he hopes will act as a user’s guide for people who are struggling with the idea of God. Rainn expresses his love for beauty, and how he believes it to be a manifestation of the divine, just like music, which—in the words of Baha’u’llah—causes our souls to tremble with joy.


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