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“Imagine you live in a place,” says Pegah Nabili, “where your identity is expected to be concealed.” She tells the story of 19th-Century Iran’s most courageous woman, Tahirih, who removed her veil, defying Shariah law and cultural customs, to announce that a new culture of equality had dawned. Her sacrifice, which ultimately meant she lost her life, became the blueprint for a new era of equality and justice. “Her fight reminds me,” Nabili says, “that the fight for progress is not won by passive words, but by bold action.”

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  • Tara Abhasakun
    Dec 12, 2017
    I really appreciate this talk, as Tahirih is one of my biggest heroes! One thing I think we forget about Tahirih is that she challenged the religious orthodoxy of her time, because she knew that certain Islamic concepts were outdated. I guess sometimes, I just wish that Baha'is, too, would challenge their own orthodoxies, such as women not serving on the UHJ.
  • Aires Mario da Cruz
    Oct 22, 2017
    Absolutely LOVELY!!!