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Is the predestination which is mentioned in the Holy Books a decreed thing? If so, is not the effort to avoid it useless?

Fate is of two kinds: one is decreed, and the other is conditional or impending. The decreed fate is that which cannot change or be altered, and conditional fate is that which may occur. So, for this lamp, the decreed fate is that the oil burns and will be consumed; therefore, its eventual extinction is a decree which it is impossible to alter or to change because it is a decreed fate. In the same way, in the body of man a power of life has been created, and as soon as it is destroyed and ended, the body will certainly be decomposed, so when the oil in this lamp is burnt and finished, the lamp will undoubtedly become extinguished.

But conditional fate may be likened to this: while there is still oil, a violent wind blows on the lamp, which extinguishes it. This is a conditional fate. It is wise to avoid it, to protect oneself from it, to be cautious and circumspect. But the decreed fate, which is like the finishing of the oil in the lamp, cannot be altered, changed nor delayed. It must happen; it is inevitable that the lamp will become extinguished.

Abdu’l-Baha (Some Answered Questions, pp 244)


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  • Edwin Tamasese
    Sep 22, 2019
    There is some very interesting science regarding stem cells saying that when they run out the body "turns off" irrespective of health. Thought this might be the "fuel" for the lamp. Also seems to indicate that tending to the physical capacities and needs of the body ensure that our physical frame could actually in fact be in a very good state up until the end of the fuel.
  • Pradyut
    Feb 23, 2013
    Hey Hillary thanks for the thuhgots. I have never heard that version of the Dispensation but I know there is definitely a balance to be had too slow and people fall asleep too fast and people cant grasp the content! When I am reading (actual books) the writings and when the content gets too dense I often have to re-read paragraphs to glean the meaning with audio books you can simply rewind that said I feel we have a pretty balanced speed here. Another aspect is delivery style we all have heard very dramatic ...readings of the writings which are amazing but we are approaching the texts in a slightly different manner the drama is inherent in the text but many were written as letters. By presenting them with this in mind it helps make the audio book feel more intimate and personal. Sorry to go on and on but it is a good topic for discussion and one I have thought quite a bit about . perhaps I'll write a post at some point about it and as for your couch The offer is appreciated though I hope the couch is large.. wifey and I have a baby on the way! Can it fit 3? Take care and thanks for chiming in.