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Syda Segovia Taylor—a community development and social justice advocate—has worked with high-profile non-profit organizations for the last two decades, bringing resources to black and Latino communities. Taylor exposes the racism, gentrification and redlining that has led to two disparate Chicago realities—one filled with prosperity and opportunity, and the other filled with despair, pain and trauma. To heal the illnesses of her community, Taylor has brought a range of concerned organizations together to address racism, violence and mental health, applying the Baha’i teachings to capacity-building for individuals, organizations and institutions in her neighborhood.

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  • Aaron Siering
    Dec 24, 2018
    The great thing about the Baha'i concept of Consultation is how it gets us to the truth, ultimately. . . . Since the 1860s graduate education in the U.S. has become increasingly ideologically liberal (imported originally from Germany). So I don't know if getting a graduate degree, today, in the U.S., especially in a so-called "social science" really educates someone so much as it trains them to think in a particular ideological framework. Ultimately, the Baha'i Faith must be responsible for changing our culture, such as our educational systems, and not itself succumb its ideological worldview. This is a danger ...of so many Baha'is having masters and doctorate degrees, I suppose.
  • Yoram Chilufya
    Feb 26, 2018
    How do you tackle racism under Trump administration
  • Efé McWorter
    Feb 25, 2018
    This is so Powerful!!! You are so Powerful and so in Your Element!! I'm so proud❤️. Thank you for sharing!! And I will pass this on - a presentation like this - so clear, so honest will Touch everyone who hears it. I truly hope you will find time to continue to Speak to groups of folks!! You'll make a Big Difference. It's about sincerity, your heart, your love coupled with your knowledge!! Go Forth Syda and Enlighten❤️ Ms. Mac