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Filmmaker, director, actor and philanthropist Justin Baldoni has made big contributions in his work for SoulPancake, with Baha’i-inspired and inspiring films about life, death and spirituality.

In 2012, Justin partnered with SoulPancake and actor Rainn Wilson to create a series called “My Last Days.” The show focuses on terminally ill people who refuse to give up on life. To date the show has over 20 million views and has helped raise millions of dollars for various benefactors. Over the years, Justin has also given a voice to those who would have otherwise been silenced, which is the focus of his documentary series, “Stories From the Street”.

He has filmed music videos for artists such as platinum-selling singer Jason Derulo and gold album selling artist Andy Grammer, Sarah McLaughlin and many more.

Justin dedicates his talents and time in service of his fellow humanity. In his spare time, Justin has created a Baha’i-inspired spiritual gathering in his own home, an open forum for all people to share their thoughts, beliefs, and life lessons with one another in order to break down the barriers that divide us. Over a thousand people have participated in Justin’s spiritual gathering during the past two and a half years.


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